Child Care Programs

What is quality child care? Quality child care supports families. It enables parents to work while knowing that their children are safe and nutured. Concerned and knowledgeable care givers provide an environment where children can experience encouragement of acceptable behavior, stimulation materials, and opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Quality child care exists when parents and providers are aware of children's needs and how to fulfill them. Quality child care provides a sound basis for future learning and living.

Demand quality child care. It's your child's right!

New Hope Learning Center, Inc. was created to meet your child care needs. We have developed 6 age specific programs tailored to give your child both group and individual stimulation during each stage of their growth. The Ladybugs, Caterpillars, Busy Bee, Hoppers, and Before and After School Services are designed to provide a sound educational foundation, while encouraging independence.

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